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Areas of Focus

Jeffrey A. Smith, ,Ph.D.

Jeff Smith has deep expertise in Human Resources with an emphasis on advising and coaching C-suite executives, building HR strategies and organizations, succession planning, and assessment.

Image by Scott Graham
  • Advisor to CEOs, Leadership Teams, Boards
    Jeff, HR expert, has been a close advisor to multiple CEOs and leadership teams in finance and media. He has also worked closely with numerous Boards and Directors on issues such as succession planning, executive compensation.

  • Leadership & Performance Coach
    Jeff Smith has coached 100s of executives to help them gain insight and improve their performance.

  • Human Resources & Talent Strategy
    Jeff has hands-on experience in designing and executing HR and talent strategies that have helped companies grow and create powerful cultures.

  • Assessment
    Jeff is qualified to evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make better hiring and promotion decisions.

  • Succession Planning
    Jeff has deep expertise in the creation of systems, processes and conversations that lead to identification and decisions around key internal and external talent for the most important leadership roles.

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