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POWER BROKERS OF FINANCE: HR chiefs reveal how to get hired at Goldman Sachs, Citi, BlackRock

Jeffrey Smith, global head of human resources at BlackRock

The attitude you absolutely must have to get hired at BlackRock

We look for people who come to work every day thinking about what they can do to serve our clients. People who are passionate about learning, growing, and innovating. Strong collaborators driven and motivated by contributing to something greater than ourselves.

The first thing he tells employees who are frustrated at work

If you're feeling unfulfilled, you should have an open conversation with your manager focused on your interests and career aspirations. We have an internal mobility policy so our employees can pursue different opportunities at the firm, which keeps people engaged and shares the talent across different teams.

We recently launched two initiatives to support ongoing learning and mobility: the Transform Program helps employees build technical skills to transition to full-stack developer roles and the Growing More Great Investors initiative drives diversity, inclusion, and development across our investment teams.


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